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We are a space for chefs, program managers, food service professionals, and researchers to share information and resources, discuss and network together.

The Meatless Monday Global Platform is a collaborative project from The Monday Campaigns, Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future, and Johns Hopkins Center for Communications Programs.

It’s designed to help organizations from all over the world connect, develop meaningful dialogues, share information, and collaborate on projects that change the way people eat. Through our combined efforts, we can help improve individual health and the health of the planet.

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Lower meat consumption and discover the power of plant based proteins while saving the planet.

By going meatless one day a week you can improve your health and the health of the planet. This small change can make a big difference. When you join Meatless Monday Global you get the support of people committed to reducing global meat consumption. Plus resources to make your meatless Monday goal a success!

Be the Change In Your Industry

Improve your organizational health and the wellness of the planet through reduced meat consumption.

The Meatless Monday Global Community promotes sustainable and healthy diets globally. You can learn how to reduce meat consumption at the country, organizational or individual level. Join today for instant access to valuable resources.

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